Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

**For several years, the Myalgic Encephalomyelitis page on Disapedia.com was one of the most well-rounded, concise explanations of the disease to possibly exist on the internet.** It was second only to the very factually-deluded Chronic Fatigue Syndrome wikipedia page, in popularity on search engines. I personally have no idea why the site is no longer available, or if it will be coming back, but since the collective information was donated by fellow sufferers, I thought it would be appropriate to scout down an old cache of the page and post it here.

Please note, there was no data for “comorbid conditions” or “severity,” which is why those sections appear to be missing. The last version of the page was updated sometime in 2009, so any more recent developments (such as the introduction of the updated international consensus criteria of 2011) are not included.

I have not taken the liberty to add that much information, myself, but my additions, be they text or links, are highlighted in maroon. I have also underlined points that I believe to be of particular importance.